Paint Selection Tool


Lets you select components by painting over them with the stylus. See also How Artisan brush tools work.

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Paint Selection Tool options

The options described below are unique to the Paint Selection Tool. Descriptions of the rest of the options and sections in the Paint Selection Tool settings editor can be found in Common Artisan Brush Tool Settings.

Paint Operations

Select one of the following paint operations.


Selects painted components.


Unselects selected painted components.


Unselects selected components and selects unselected components.

  • To unselect selected components while Select is chosen, press the key and paint over them. Similarly, when Unselect is chosen, press the key and paint to select unselected components.
  • U + click and select the paint operation from the marking menu that appears instead of the from the Tool Settings editor.
Add to Current Selection

By default, this option is turned on so that each stroke adds to the previous selection. This means you do not have to press the Shift key when you make a brush stroke to select, unselect, or toggle the selection of more components. If you want each stroke to override the previous one, turn Add to Current Selection off.

Select All

Selects all components on the selected surface(s).

Unselect All

Unselects all selected components on the selected surface(s).

Toggle All

Selects all unselected components and unselects all selected components on the selected surface(s).

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