Applying textures

Now that you’ve outputted all your UV meshes, you can import them into an external image editor to create a texture.

Once you’ve created associated texture files, you need to apply them to your model. For the purposes of this tutorial, textures have been provided for you in the sourceimages folder.

To apply the texture for the torso

  1. In the perspective view, -click the torso and select Assign New Material from the pop-up menu.
  2. The Assign New Material window appears.

  3. Select Lambert.

    The soldier’s torso turns matte grey.

  4. Open the Attribute Editor and select the lambert tab.
  5. Change the name of the lambert material to Mat_Torso.
  6. Click the box next to Color.

    The Create Render Node window appears.

  7. Click File.
  8. In the Attribute Editor, click the file icon next to the Image Name field.

    A file browser appears.

  9. Navigate to the Getting Started folder and select UVMapping/sourceimages/soldier_torso.tif.

    The body armor texture is applied to the soldier’s body. If the texture does not appear in the scene, press ‘6’.

  10. Select all the UVs and select the Smooth UV Tool icon ( ). Slowly unfold the UVs until they roughly match the details of the texture as shown below.

    If the texture is not aligned or sized correctly you can adjust the UVs in the UV Texture Editor using the Toolbox.

  11. In the Attribute Editor, in the Mat_torso tab, click the box next to Bump Mapping.

    The Create Render Node window appears.

  12. Click File.

    A file tab appears in the Attribute Editor.

  13. In the file tab, click the browse icon next to Image Name.

    A file browser appears.

  14. Navigate to the Getting Started folder and select UVMapping/sourceimages/soldier_torso_normals.tif.

    Normal maps appear on the soldier’s chest. Normal maps give the flat portions of the texture the illusion of 3D bumps.

Now you can repeat the process for the other body parts by applying the following textures:

Appendage Material node name Texture filename Normals filename
Left Arm Mat_Arm soldier_arm.tif soldier_arm_normals.tif
Right Arm Mat_Arm (reuse from above by using Assign Existing Material). soldier_arm.tif soldier_arm_normals.tif
Legs Mat_Legs soldier_legs.tif soldier_legs_normals.tif
Left Foot Mat_Feet soldier_foot.tif soldier_foot_normals.tif
Right Foot Mat_Feet (reuse from above by using Assign Existing Material). soldier_foot.tif soldier_foot_normals.tif
Head Mat_Head soldier_head.tif soldier_head_normals.tif
Eye Mat_Eye soldier_eye.tif none
NoteWhen reusing a texture for a mirrored appendage (Right Arm or Right Foot), you must flip the UVs in the UV Texture Editor to fit the texture. You can do this by selecting all the UVs and clicking the Flip UVs in the U Direction button ( ) in the UV Texture Editor.