Show or hide objects
To... Do this

Hide the selected objects.

Select Display > Hide > Hide Selection.

Redisplay the last object(s) you hid.

Select Display > Show > Show Last Hidden.

Show all hidden objects.

Select Display > Show > All.

Hide or show all objects of a specific type.

To change the display of all panels, use the items in the Display > Hide and Display > Show submenus.

To change the display of one panel, use the items in the panel’s Show menu.

Show a specific hidden object.

Select the object’s node in one of the editors and select Display > Show > Show Selection.

Select a hidden object.

Use the Outliner or Hypergraph to select the object’s node.

Hide the actual geometry of an object while leaving other components visible.

Select Display > Object Display > No Geometry.

Show only an object’s bounding box.

Select Display > Object Display > Bounding Box.

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