Show an isolated subset of objects or components in a panel

Use the Isolate Select feature (Show > Isolate Select > View Selected) to show only certain objects or components in a view panel.

Unlike the Display > Hide commands, the Isolate Select feature can also isolate components (polygon faces, NURBS CVs, or subdivision surface mesh faces), and only affects the display, not rendering.

Each panel maintains its own Isolate Select settings.

To... Do this

Only show the selected objects/components in a panel.

In the panel, select Show > Isolate Select > View Selected.

Always only show the selected objects in the panel as the selection changes.

In the panel, turn on Show > Isolate Select > Auto Load Selected Objects.

Select whether new objects will or won’t be in the isolated subset.

In the panel, turn Show > Isolate Select > Auto Load New Objects on or off.

Add or remove objects in the isolated subset when Auto Load is off.

In the panel:

To change the isolated subset to the current selection, select Show > Isolate Select > Load Selected Objects.

To add the current selection to the isolated subset, select Show > Isolate Select > Add Selected Objects.

To remove the current selection from the isolated subset, select Show > Isolate Select > Remove Selected Objects.

Save and reuse isolation settings.

In the panel:

To save the current isolation settings, select Show > Isolate Select > Bookmarks > Bookmark Current Objects.

To recall an isolated subset, select it from the Show > Isolate Select > Bookmarks submenu.

NoteThe Isolate Select feature does not work for subdivision surface vertices or edges. Instead, you can Isolate subdivision surface faces.

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