Additional sculpting techniques

Now that you’ve learned the basic features, you’ll learn other useful techniques before starting to model the facial features.

To practice additional sculpting techniques

  1. In the Sculpt Parameter section of the Sculpt Geometry Tool, set Max Displacement to 2.

  2. Draw a vertical Pull stroke.
  3. Change the Max Displacement to 1.
  4. Draw another vertical stroke nearby.

    The Max Displacement sets the maximum distance the surface’s CVs are pushed (or pulled) with a single stroke.

  5. Erase the changes to the surface.
  6. Set Max Displacement to 2.
  7. Draw a vertical Pull stroke.
  8. Set the Opacity from the default value of 1 to a value of 0.2.
  9. Draw another vertical stroke nearby.

    One ridge is higher than the other. The Opacity value scales the influence of Max Displacement. For example, with an Opacity of 0.2, each stroke has only roughly 0.2 times the effect of the Max Displacement setting.

    It’s generally best to use a low Opacity value as you Push or Pull. You can increase the deformation gradually with multiple strokes.

    If you want to affect only a small region of a surface, use your mouse to click rather than stroke the region. If the Radius(U) and Opacity of the brush is small, you might need to click the nearest intersection point of two isoparms.

  10. With Opacity set to 1, erase all changes to the surface again.
    TipConsider using an electronic tablet with pen stylus. A pen stylus is more natural for stroking surface changes as it feels like a pen. With a stylus, you can set an option that causes the Radius or Opacity to vary with stylus pressure. For example, you can have heavy strokes create a bigger Radius than light strokes.

    To do this, display the Stroke tab of the Sculpt Geometry Tool. For Stylus Pressure, select Opacity, Radius, or Both. Radius is a common choice. If you select Radius, the Radius(U) value on the Sculpt tab sets the maximum radius, while Radius(L) is the minimum. Explore various settings.

    If you use a mouse, set the Stylus Pressure to None. The Radius(U) sets a fixed radius. Radius(L) is ignored.