Running a dynamics simulation

In the next steps, you create a ball and add gravity to make the ball drop and hit the planks and then playback the simulation.

To create a ball for the simulation

  1. Select Create > Polygon Primitives > Sphere > .
  2. Set Radius to 0.2 and click Create.
  3. In the Channel Box, set the Sphere’s Translate Y value to 18.

To add gravity attributes to the ball

  1. With the sphere still selected, select Fields > Gravity.

    When you connect Gravity to the sphere, it automatically makes the sphere an active rigid body. Gravity affects only the object that was selected when you add the Gravity field.

To run the dynamics simulation

  1. In the Time and Range slider, play the animation.

    The ball falls and collides with the planks, which rotate about the hinge constraint.