Creating a revolve surface

With the Revolve surface tool, a curve is rotated about an axis to create a surface. The user can define the axis of revolution.

To create a revolve surface

  1. With the curve selected, select Surfaces > Revolve. This creates the egg holder surface from the revolved profile curve. Examine the results in the perspective view.

    Maya does not delete the profile curve. In a subsequent step, you’ll edit the profile curve to alter the shape of the surface.

  2. Select the surface and rename it Eggholder in the Channel Box.
  3. With the pointer in the perspective view, press 5 (for Shading > Smooth Shade All).

    This displays the egg holder as a shaded surface rather than a wireframe in the perspective view.

    Press 1, 2, and 3 to switch between the different degrees of display smoothness. (These hotkeys correspond to the menu items under Display > NURBS menu item ( Rough/Medium/Fine).

    The finer the smoothness, the greater the impact is on interactive performance when you work with complex models.

    The smoothness display only affects the scene view. Rendered images display with high quality smoothness regardless of this setting.