Open the scene for the lesson

In this lesson, you work with a scene we created for your use.

  1. Make sure you’ve done the steps in Preparing for the lessons.
  2. Open the scene file named PathAnim.mb.

    This file can be found in the GettingStarted directory that you set as your Maya project: GettingStarted/Anim/PathAnim.mb

    The scene contains two objects named Aircraft and PathCurve. When the aircraft travels on the path curve it will return to where it began.

  3. In the Time Slider, ensure that the Playback End Time is set to 240.

The path animation occurs between frames 60 and 240 (180 frames in total). Between frames 1 and 60, you keyframe the aircraft’s motion so it rises from the ground plane. You then blend between the two animation types.