Animating an object along a motion path

To animate the aircraft along the path curve, first select the aircraft and the path curve and then set appropriate options for the motion path animation. In the options window, you need to set the required time range for the path animation. You also need to ensure that the aircraft is oriented facing towards the direction of travel. The Follow, Front, and Up axis option settings determine the aircraft’s orientation along the path.

To attach the aircraft to the motion path

  1. Go to frame 1 on the Time Slider.
  2. Select the aircraft and then Shift-select the path curve.
  3. In the main menu, select Animate > Motion Paths > Attach to Motion Path > .

    The Attach to Motion Path Options window appears.

  4. In the options window, ensure the options are set as follows, then click Attach:
    • Time Range: Start/End
    • Start Time: 60
    • End Time: 240
    • Follow: On
    • Front Axis: X
    • Up Axis: Y
    • World Up Type: Scene Up
    • Leave all other settings off

    The aircraft is repositioned to the start of the curve, and oriented towards the direction of travel.

    The Start and End Times set the time duration the aircraft travels along the path curve (240 - 60 = 180 frames). The start and end times are displayed at the ends of the curve.

  5. Click play on the Time Slider playback controls to play back the animation.

    The aircraft travels along the path. Observe that it begins its motion at frame 60.