Preparing for the lessons

To ensure the lessons work as described, do these steps before beginning:

  1. If you have not done so already, consider doing the lessons in the Rendering section of this guide. Familiarity with Maya rendering concepts is important to understanding the lessons.
  2. Select File > New Scene to create a new scene.

    If you just finished Lesson 1 in this chapter you may be presented with a window asking if you wish to Save previous paint effects. Select No.

  3. To use all available screen space, maximize the Maya window.
  4. From a panel menu bar, select Panels > Layouts > Single Pane.
  5. Select the Rendering menu set. Unless otherwise noted, the directions in this chapter assume the Rendering menu set is selected.
  6. From the Shelf, select the Paint Effects tab to display the various preset brushes.

    If the Paint Effects Shelf tab does not appear as part of the shelf set, see the Maya Help for Shelves. (For Linux users, any new shelves do not load by default.)

    Regardless of your operating system, the Paint Effects preset brushes are accessible from the Visor panel. (From a view panel, select Panels > Panel > Visor.)