Converting mesh strokes to polygons

Mesh strokes can be converted to polygons. Converting the mesh stroke to polygons allows you to visualize any brush modifications you make in the Attribute Editor without having to render the stroke. It is possible to edit, animate, and render the converted polygon mesh the same way you would any other polygonal surface types.

To convert a mesh stroke to polygons

  1. Press the q key (Hotkey) to choose the Select Tool.

    The cursor changes to an arrow icon indicating the change to selection mode.

  2. Select the teapot stroke, if it is not already selected.
  3. Select Modify > Convert > Paint Effects to Polygons > .
  4. In the Convert Paint Effects to Polygons Options window, ensure that the Hide Strokes option is set to On.

    Setting the Hide Strokes option to On ensures that after the conversion, only the converted polygon mesh will be displayed.

  5. In the Convert Paint Effects to Polygons Options window, click Convert.

    The mesh brush stroke is converted to a polygonal surface. A teapot model made of polygons results.

    The original mesh brush stroke still remains but is now hidden.

  6. Click anywhere in the scene view away from the teapot surface to de-select the teapot surface.
  7. In the scene view, press 5 to smooth shade the display of the polygonal teapot.