Smearing, blurring, and erasing paint

Now you’ll work with brush types that smear, blur, and erase paint.

To smear, blur, and erase paint

  1. Select Brush > Reset Template Brush to select the default brush.
  2. On the Brush menu, try the Smear, Blur, and Erase menu items and paint on the strokes already on the canvas. You can also change these settings using the Brush Type setting in the Paint Effects Brush Settings window (Brush > Edit Template Brush).
  3. If you need to perform compositing work, you can view the image’s alpha channel by clicking this button: .

    White regions represent full opacity. Black represents full transparency.

  4. If you turned on the alpha channel (Display > Alpha Channel), return to the display of full color by selecting Display > All Channels.
  5. Clear the canvas and restore the canvas color to white (Canvas > Clear > ).
  6. To quit the canvas display and return to a scene view, select Panels > Perspective > persp (Hotkey 8).
  7. In the Toolbox, click the Select Tool.

    Clicking the Select Tool quits the Paint Effects Tool, and the mouse cursor displays as an arrow.

  8. Select Paint Effects > Preset Blending to turn off Preset Blending before you proceed to the next lesson.