Modifying the default brush settings

When you select a preset brush, Maya copies its brush settings to a template brush. A template brush is a holder for the attribute settings of the next strokes you paint. When you change the settings of the template brush, they affect only the next strokes, not previous strokes.

To edit the template brush settings

  1. Select Brush > Reset Template Brush to select the default brush, then paint on the canvas so you remember the brush effect.
  2. Select Brush > Edit Template Brush or click the following button in the toolbar:

    You can edit various brush settings, for example, the brush width, in the window that appears.

  3. To resize the brush, change the Global Scale value. Alternatively, you can move the brush over the canvas, press and hold the b Hotkey and drag left or right. The circle on the canvas represents the size of your brush.
  4. Paint on the canvas to try out a new size.

  5. Close the Paint Effects Brush Settings window.
  6. On the toolbar, click the swatch to the right of C (color) to display the Color Chooser.
  7. Select a color from the Color Chooser and paint on the canvas.
  8. On the toolbar, slide the T (transparency) slider to the right until the T box is a light gray. Paint on the canvas.

    When you paint over existing paint strokes you will notice that your paint is transparent allowing the previous strokes to show through.

    NoteThe Toolbar color boxes, for example, C and T, are also available in the Paint Effects Brush Settings window. (Select Brush > Edit Template Brush > Shading.)