Scaling clips within Trax

You can scale single or multiple clips within the Trax Editor. Scaling a clip either compresses or expands the animation of a clip so it occurs over a shorter or longer period of time. The resulting animation occurs faster or slower as a result.

In the next steps, you select the four clips you imported to Trax, and scale them together so they occur over the same time frame as the Travel_Forward clip.

To scale multiple clips in the Trax Editor

  1. In the Trax Editor, Shift-click on the clips: Bank_Left, Bank_Right, Shift_Left1, and Shift_Right1.

    The clip manipulator appears. The clip manipulator appears as a white box that encompasses the four clips with handles (triangles) on either end and a circle handle in the center. The clip manipulator allows you to move or scale multiple clips.

  2. Using the clip manipulator, drag the right-hand scale handle to the right until the Frame Out numbers on the Bank_Right and Shift_Right clips match the Travel_Forward clip (Frame 299).

  3. Click play on the Time Slider playback controls to play back the animation.

    When the aircraft travels, the sideways and banking motions occur over the entire length of the Travel_Forward clip.

  4. Click the stop button on the playback controls to stop the playback.

This completes the first half of the Trax lesson. In the second half of this lesson you work with motion capture data in Trax.