Creating clips from motion capture data

When creating a clip from motion capture, it is a good practice to begin by creating a source clip from the entire motion sequence that excludes the Da Vinci pose. You can create the clip and save it to the Visor or Outliner directly without loading it onto a track. You can later revert back to the source clip and load it into a track if necessary.

To create a source clip of the motion capture data

  1. In the Time Slider, set the Playback Start Time to 1.
  2. Press the Go to Start of playback range button to return to frame 1 in the Time Slider.

    The skeleton is repositioned at frame 1 where the walking motion begins.

  3. In the perspective view, select the skeleton by click-dragging a bounding box around the skeleton.

    The skeleton is highlighted. When the skeleton is selected, many red ticks appear in the Time Slider. The red ticks represent keyframes from the motion capture data.

  4. In the Trax Editor menu, select Create > Animation Clip > .

    The Create Clip Options window appears.

  5. In the Create Clip Options window, click Edit > Reset Settings to set the tool to its default settings, and then set the following:
    • Type WalkSit in the Name field.
    • Keys - Leave Keys in Timeline: On
    • Put Clip in Visor Only: On
    • Click Create Clip.

    The source clip appears in the Outliner named as WalkSitSource. (If you use the Visor, the clip appears under the Character Clips tab.)