Setting modeling preferences

Before you create your polygon model change some of the default settings to better work through this lesson.

  1. Select Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences.

    The Maya user preferences window appears.

    In the Categories section of the Preferences window select Polygons.

  2. In the Polygon Display settings, set the following:
    • Border Edges: On
    • Edge Width: 4

    This displays border edges prominently on polygon meshes. Displaying border edges distinctively lets you differentiate them from other edges on your models and troubleshoot issues.

  3. In the Categories section of the Preferences window, choose Selection.
  4. In the Polygon Selection settings, set the following:
    • Select faces with: Whole face

    The Whole face setting lets you select polygon faces by clicking anywhere on the face (the Center setting requires you to click on the face’s center dot). In addition, when a face is selected in the scene, the entire face appears highlighted.

  5. Click the Save button to close the settings window.
  6. Turn off the Interactive Creation option for primitives: Select Create > Polygon Primitives > Interactive Creation (no check mark).