Additional learning resources

Beyond the Maya Help resources within your Maya software, you can access the following resources to learn more about Maya or obtain technical assistance.

The Maya Learning Path

Discover the many learning resources available from Autodesk using the Maya Learning Path. For more information, see

The Maya Web site

The Maya Web site contains a wealth of resources related to your Maya software and many other related products and services. You can view the Maya Web site at using your web browser.

Autodesk Training

Autodesk provides a range of products and services to help you get the most from your Maya software. You can purchase additional self-paced learning materials or attend certified instructor led training courses at Autodesk sanctioned training facilities. For more information, see

Technical Support

Autodesk delivers technical support services for Maya globally through telephone and email services, as well as online eSupport services. For more information, click the Support Center link from the Maya Help menu or click the Services and Support link on the Maya Web site.

Events and Seminars

Autodesk also runs Maya seminars and short format training courses at major computing events and trade shows. For more information, see