Making nCloth flap in dynamic wind

After creating the nCloth flag, you can dynamically animate it to flap in the wind by altering certain Dynamic Properties and Maya Nucleus solver Gravity and Wind properties.

To make nCloth appear to wave and flap in the wind

  1. Select the flag.
  2. Open the Attribute Editor and select the nClothShape tab.
  3. In the Dynamic Properties section, decrease Mass and increase Tangential Drag.

    Mass specifies the density of the flag and Tangential Drag biases the amount of drag applied to the flag relative to the surface tangent, which is necessary otherwise the flat plane will not have any wind resistance.

    • Change the Mass attribute’s value to 0.5.
    • Change the Tangential Drag attribute’s value to 0.05.

  4. Play back the flag’s simulation.

    The flag appears lighter, however it still falls.

  5. Go to the beginning of the playback range.
  6. Select the nucleus tab.
  7. In the Gravity and Wind section, increase the Wind Speed.

    You can increase the speed at which the flag flaps, as well as the amount of ripples moving across the flag’s surface, by increasing the Maya Nucleus solver’s Wind Speed.

  8. Change the Wind Speed attribute’s value to 10.

  9. Play back the pirate flag’s simulation.

    The flag rises quickly into the air, appearing to be tugged by the increased dynamic air flow. The flag now waves and flaps forcefully, and ripples appear on its surface.