Changing which nCloth points are constrained

After you create a dynamic nCloth constraint, you often times need to edit which nCloth and passive object components participate in the constraint. When Maya Nucleus system components are constrained, they are members of their respective constraints. You can change an nCloth constraint’s membership by adding or removing nCloth and passive object components from the constraint.

To edit nCloth constraint membership

  1. Dolly in the camera so that you can view closely the Point to Surface constraint links that are visible between the flag and its flag pole.
  2. Select the Point to Surface constraint by clicking its links.

  3. Select nConstraint > Select Members.

    The flag points and the flag pole surface that are members of the selected Point to Surface constraint highlight in the scene view.

  4. -click the flag and select Vertex from the context-sensitive menu that appears.

    The flag switches to vertex display mode.

  5. Select all the flag points, except the top most and bottom most points.

  6. Select nConstraint > Remove Members.

    The selected constrained flag points are removed from the constraint and their constraint links disappear from the scene view.

  7. Play back the pirate flag’s simulation.

    The flag gently falls and ripples, but does not continue to fall out of view because it is attached to the flag pole by the two remaining Point to Surface constraint links.

  8. Go to the beginning of the playback range.