Split polygon faces

The Split Polygon Tool lets you split one or more polygon faces in a mesh by drawing a line across the faces to specify the location of the split.

When using the Split Polygon Tool the following conditions apply:

To split a polygon face

  1. Select Edit Mesh > Split Polygon Tool.
  2. Click an edge where you want the split to begin.
  3. To refine the split line you can:
    • Click additional points to define the direction of the split line.
    • Drag to move the previous point after you’ve placed it.
    • Constrain the placement of split line points (see below).
  4. Click an edge to complete the split line, and either press or press y to perform the split. To finish the split and exit the tool, press . If you complete the split line by clicking on the interior area of a face, the split will end at the last edge crossed.
    NoteThe Split Polygon Tool cannot cross and split the same edge twice in one operation. If you receive an error message “internal edge repeated” when splitting, press the Delete key to undo the previous step and then press Enter to complete the split. Then split across those faces in a second split operation.

To constrain the placement of split line points

  1. Select Edit Mesh > Split Polygon Tool > .

    The Spit Polygon Tool settings appear:

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