Part 5: Assembling the desk lamp

In this section, you will assemble the finished desk lamp by moving the lampshade into the correct position and grouping it with the upper arm.

Watch Part 5 of the tutorial.

Positioning the lampshade

  1. Maximize the Left window.
  2. Choose Pick > Object and select the lampshade group.

  3. Choose Transform > Move . Click and drag (away from the objects) to move the lampshade to the end of the upper arm.

  4. Choose Transform > Rotate . Use the to rotate the lampshade about the y-axis.

Grouping the lampshade and arm

Next, group the lampshade to the arm, so the lamp can be moved and arranged.

  1. Use Pick > Object and select the lampshade and the upper arm.

    The two groups are highlighted in the Object Lister.

  2. Right-click on the selected objects in the Object Lister and choose Group from the pulldown menu (or Choose Edit > Group ).

    A new node is created and displayed in the Object Lister.

  3. Rename the node Upper Assembly.

    The group is created with the pivot point in the default location, at the origin. To ensure the upper assembly rotates correctly, you will now move the pivot point to the center of the hinge.

  4. With Upper Assembly selected, choose Transform > Local > Set Pivot . Hold the and (Windows) or and (Mac) keys down and use the to click the center-line of the hinge cylinder.

    The pivot point moves to the center of the hinge.

Saving your work

Choose File > Save As to save the current scene, and call your file mydesklamp5.