Gamma & Gain (mental ray)
Command entry: Material Editor Material/Map Browser Maps mental ray Gamma & Gain
Notemental ray shaders appear in the Browser only if the currently active renderer supports them.

This is a simple shader that applies a gamma and a gain (multiplication) of a color or map. It provides an alternative way of controlling gamma in 3ds Max. Many similar shaders exist in various OEM integrations of mental ray, so you also can use this shader for standalone mental ray and for cross-platform phenomena development.

The shader can also be used as a simple gamma lens shader, in which case the input is not used, but the eye ray color is used instead.



Specifies the input color or map.


The gamma applied to the input.

Gain (multiplier)

The multiplier for the input.

Reverse Gamma Correction (De-Gamma)

When off, the shader takes the input, multiplies it by the Gain value, and then applies a gamma correction of Gamma to the color. When on, the shader takes the input, applies a reverse gamma correction of Gamma to the color, and then divides it by the Gain value.