Exporting to Shockwave 3D

You can set up 3D scenes and animations in 3ds Max, and then export them in Shockwave 3D (W3D) format for use in interactive presentations in Macromedia Director. To start this process, choose Application menu Export, and choose Shockwave 3D Scene Export (*.W3D) as the file type. Choosing this format opens the Shockwave 3D Scene Export Options dialog.

The Shockwave exporter in 3ds Max offers significant differences from the 3ds Max exporter previously available from Macromedia. When you prepare a scene for exporting to Director, please be aware of the following:

Exporting Bones

The exporter supports character animation using bones and the Skin modifier, or a character studio® biped with the Physique® modifier. Bones are exported not as geometry, but as Shockwave 3D bones.

If the bones deform a mesh with the Skin modifier, the scene must be arranged in a specific manner to cause the bones and mesh to export properly:

For more tips on working with bones animation and the Shockwave 3D Exporter, visit the Macromedia Web site. Also, search the Macromedia site for “bones shockwave export” (without the quotes).