PPGLayout.AddGroup operator




Adds a group to the layout. A group can be used to draw a box around related items, or as a way of arranging controls into columns. It is possible to nest groups.

Groups are represented in the layout with two special PPGItem objects, one for the beginning of the group and the other for the end. Hence to change a label on a group it would be possible to enumerate through the PPGItems to find the item associated with the beginning of the group and to modify the PPGItem.Label property.

C# Syntax

PPGItem PPGLayout.AddGroup( String in_opt_Label, Boolean in_opt_ShowFrame, Int32 in_opt_width );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = PPGLayout.AddGroup( [Label], [ShowFrame], [WidthPercentage] );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
Label String When specified, the label is shown and a frame is drawn around the group.
ShowFrame Boolean Flag whether to draw a frame around the items in the control. When a label is specified a frame is always drawn. (See siUIShowFrame in siPPGItemAttribute).

Default Value: true

WidthPercentage Long This parameter is only applicable if the group is part of a row. It describes how much of the horizontal space should be taken by this group. If not specified Softimage uses its own heuristic to lay out the group. For example, it might look better to split two groups 30%/70%, rather than using even spacing, if the second group has wider controls than the first.

See Also

PPGLayout.EndGroup PPGItem.Label PPGItem.WidthPercentage siPPGItemAttribute