Texture Projection Property Editor


Displays basic information about the texture projection property.

To display: Click the icon of the texture projection under the appropriate cluster in the explorer. Typically, this property editor opens at the top of a multiple-property editor that includes the Texture Projection Definition Property Editor and the Texture Support Property Editor.

Fit Subcomponent Uvs to Image

Performs the exact UVW transformation necessary to fit the texture projection to a selection of the object's subcomponents.

If the subcomponents are selected, the transformation is performed immediately.

If no subcomponents are selected, a pick session starts. Once you've selected the desired subcomponents, right-clicking to end the pick session applies the transformation.


The name of the texture projection.


Click to rename the texture projection. See Rename Dialog Box.

Smooth When Subdividing

Specifies whether UV coordinates are smoothed when the object is subdivided using Geometry Approximation.