ICE Simulations

Subframe Sampling

The new Simulation Settings property allows you to set subframe samples for ICE simulations, which determine how many times an ICE simulation is evaluated per frame. Increasing the subframe samples can help make the simulation solving more accurate, such as is required for fast-moving particle emitters or collisions with quickly deforming objects.

You can also cache the simulation frames as with the subframe sampling value. Using the subframe data, you can retime the cache file in the animation mixer with more precision than with full-frame caches. Motion blur is also more accurate.

See ICE Simulation Subframe Sampling for more information.

To use subframe sampling on scenes and/or compounds that were created prior to Softimage 2012, you need to upgrade them. For information on how to do this, see Updating Scenes and Compounds to Use Subframe Sampling.

Cache on File

The Cache on File node has several new options that allow for more flexibility and allow you to use subframe sampling when reading and writing cache files in the ICE tree. See Cache on File for more information.

New and Updated ICE Nodes and Compounds

  • The new Frame Step node used for subframe sampling. It is the same as the Simulation Step node, except that it considers subframes instead of just whole frames.

  • The new Current Simulation Sample compound returns the current simulation sample (subframe).

  • The new NbSubSamples attribute is used for subframe sampling.

  • The Emit Blast compound has been updated to v2.1 and now properly respects the end frame value.