ICE Fundamentals

New Nodes and Compounds

There are several new ICE nodes and compounds.

  • Build Array from Set: Converts the values of a set of elements (points, edges, polygons, etc.) into a single array.
  • Get Set Median: Returns the median of a set of values. This is useful for "divide and conquer" algorithms.
  • Reference to String: Converts a reference to a scene element into a string value. This is especially useful when building Material attribute arrays.
  • String to Array: Builds an array of values given an input string formatted as a comma or whitespace-separated list of values.
  • Get Orthogonal Basis: Returns two vectors that are perpendicular to each other as well as to the input vector.
  • Get Plane: Returns the origin and normal of a plane.
Additional nodes and compounds are also included as part of various toolsets, such as ICE modeling and Syflex cloth.

ICE Tree View

The new preference Allow Selection in Explorer allows selection in the hosted explorer on the right of the ICE tree to affect the global selection in the scene. See ICE Tree Preferences.

ArcTan 2

The ArcTan 2 node now supports arrays.