Scene Elements

Weight Maps and Vertex Colors

You can now edit weight maps and vertex color properties numerically using the weight editor. See Weight Maps and Creating and Editing Color at Vertices (CAV) Maps.

In addition, you can specify the vertex color property to paint on in the Brush Properties Property Editor. This overrides the default vertex color property set in the Material Node Property Editor.

Nesting Scene Layers

Scene layers can be nested under another scene layer. This allows you to use the parent layer to control multiple child layers.

Scene layers can be nested only one level deep.

For more information, see Nesting Scene Layers.

NoteScene layer groups from earlier versions are no longer supported. However if you open a scene with scene layer groups, the name of the scene layer group that it used to belong to is preserved in its LegacyLayerGroupName which is accessible through scripting and the object model. You can use this information to re-create nested layers based on the previously existing layer groups.