mental ray mia_material/mia_material_x shader attributes



This drop-down list provides many useful presets for materials commonly used in architectural and product design renderings. This list of presets include: Ceramic, Floor, Frosted Glass, Glass Pane, Glazed Cermaic, Stone, Thick Glass, and Wood.

You can select an item from this list to load the preset values for the material that you choose. You can use these settings as-is, or as a starting points for tweaking.

mia_material/mia_material_x shader attributes

See mental ray for Maya nodes for more information regarding the mia_material/mia_material_x shader attributes. For a list of mia_material attributes and their corresponding parameter in mental ray, refer to the following table.

Section in mia_material Attribute Editor Option in mia_material Attribute Editor Corresponding mental ray parameter
  Multiple Outputs(only for mia_material_x) multiple_outputs
Diffuse Color diffuse
  Weight diffuse_weight
  Roughness diffuse_roughness
Reflection Color refl_color
  Reflectivity reflectivity
  Glossiness refl_gloss
  Glossy Samples refl_gloss_samples
  Highlights only refl_hl_only
  Metal Material refl_is_metal
Advanced Reflection Use Max Distance refl_falloff_on
  Max Distance refl_falloff_dist
  Fade to End Color refl_falloff_color_on
  End Color refl_falloff_color
  Max Trace Depth refl_depth
  Cutoff Threshold refl_cutoff
  No Highlights For Visible Area Lights no_visible_area_hl
  Skip Reflection On Inside skip_inside_refl
Refraction Index of Refraction refr_ior
  Color refr_color
  Transparency transparency
  Glossiness refr_gloss
  Glossy Samples refr_gloss_samples
Advanced Refraction Use Max Distance refr_falloff_on
  Max Distance refr_falloff_dist
  Use Color at Max Distance refr_falloff_color_on
  Color at Max Distance refr_falloff_color
  Max Trace Depth refr_depth
  Cutoff Threshold refr_cutoff
  Thin Walled thin_walled (=1)
  Solid thin_walled (=0)
  Refractive Caustic do_refractive_caustics (=1)
  Transparent Shadow do_refractive_caustics (=0)
  Backface Culling backface_cull
  Propagate Alpha propagate_alpha
Anisotropy Anisotropy anisotropy
  Rotation anisotropy_rotation
  Channel anisotropy_channel
BRDF Use Fresnel Reflection brdf_fresnel
  0 Degree Reflection brdf_0_degree_refl
  90 Degree Reflection brdf_90_degree_refl
  Brdf Curve brdf_curve
Translucency Use Translucency refr_translucency
  Color refr_trans_color
  Weight refr_trans_weight
Indirect Illumination Options FG/GI Multiplier indirect_multiplier
  Final Gather Quality fg_quality
  Final Gather Quality Weight fg_quality_w
Ambient Occlusion Use Ambient Occlusion ao_on
  Samples ao_samples
  Distance ao_distance
  Ambient Shadow Color ao_dark
  Ambient Light Color ao_ambient
  Use Detail Distance ao_do_details
Interpolation Grid Density intr_grid_density
  Interpolate Reflections refl_interpolate
  Reflection Samples ntr_refl_samples
  Use High Detail Distance intr_refl_ddist_on
  High Detail Distance intr_refl_ddist
  Single Sample from Environment single_env_sample
  Interpolate Refraction refr_interpolate
  Refraction Samples refr_samples
Bump Overall Bump(only for mia_material_x) overall_bump
  Standard Bump(only for mia_material_x) standard_bump
  No Diffuse Bump no_diffuse_bump
Advanced Bump Mode(only for mia_material_x) bump_mode
  mental ray Bump bump
  Specular Balance hl_vs_refl_balance
  Cutout Opacity cutout_opacity
  Additional Color additional_color
Light Linking Mode mode

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