Delete Grease Pencil frames


To remove a Grease Pencil frame from the Time Slider

  1. In the Time Slider, go to the frame with the Grease Pencil sketch you want to remove.
  2. Click in the Grease Pencil tool.

    The Grease Pencil frame is removed from the Time Slider and the image no longer displays as you playback the scene.

NoteIf you have already saved the scene, the Grease Pencil image files are still saved in the default project directory on disk. (See also Save and share Grease Pencil sketches.)

To delete a Grease Pencil image from disk

  1. Navigate to the default project directory of your current project.
  2. Delete any unwanted Grease Pencil images from the following directories:
    • (Windows) ..\Documents\maya\projects\default\sourceimages\3dPaintTextures\[sceneFileName]
    • (Mac OS X) ../Documents/maya/projects/default/3dPaintTextures[sceneFileName]
    • (Linux) ../home/username/maya/projects/default/default/3dPaintTextures[sceneFileName]

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