Remove joints

  • You can only remove one joint at a time.
  • You can not remove a root joint.
  • You can remove joints from the skeleton of a character with a bound skin without having to detach its skin.

To remove a joint

  1. Select the joint that you want to remove.
  2. In the Animation menu set (press F2), select Skeleton > Remove Joint.

The joint is deleted from your scene and the bone of the joint above the removed joint now connects to the joint below the removed joint.

If you removed a joint from the skeleton of a bound character, the character’s bind pose automatically adjusts and its skin history is retained.

To remove a parent joint and all its children

  1. Select the joint that you want to remove.
  2. -click the joint and select Actions > Unparent from the marking menu that appears.

    The bone between the current joint and its parent joint is removed.

  3. Press .

The current joint and all its child joints are deleted from your scene.

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