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Merge border edges within a given threshold. Edges must be on the same object to be merged.

A pairwise comparison of input edges is performed. Pairs whose corresponding vertices are within threshold and whose orientations are aligned (i.e. their respective normals point in the same direction) are merged, as are the vertices.

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Related nodes

polyBevel, polyPlanarProj, polyProj, polyQuad, polySoftEdge, polySubdEdge, polyMoveVertex, polyMoveEdge, polyExtrudeEdge, polyMoveFace, polyChipOff, polyExtrudeFace, polySphProj, polyCylProj, polyMergeVert

Attributes (2)

texture, tolerance

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
tolerance (t) distance (double)0.0cmoutputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
Edges whose vertices are within tolerance will be merged.
texture (tx) booltrueoutputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
If true : texture is sewn as well as the 3d edge.