Autodesk Maya LT 2015 Service Pack 3 Release Notes


Thank you for downloading Autodesk® Maya LT™ 2015 Service Pack 3.

This document describes known limitations and important information about Autodesk Maya LT. It is strongly recommended that you read this document before you install this release.


Important Notes

What's Fixed

Feature Limitations

Additional Resources

Important Notes

This section provides important installation information about this product:

What's Fixed


Issue Number Description
MAYA-44573 Integrate OpenSSL 1.0.0n, which contains security fixes


Issue Number Description
MAYA-42785 BlendShape: Targets disappear after file save and reopen
MAYA-44083 Fixed combine skinning option in Mesh > Combine tool
MAYA-44271 inputPointsTarget and inputComponentsTarget attributes of a blendShape node are not saved
MAYA-42838 Cluster, follical and blendshape connections cause crash
MAYA-43943 Painting weights on non-linear deformers causes vertices to pop


Issue Number Description
MAYA-42564 Using Mesh > Combine with meshes that have creasing may cause a crash
MAYA-43489 Some files which use legacy Boolean operations may crash when opening them on Windows 8
MAYA-35220 Modeling Toolkit Symmetrize doesn't work with certain meshes and produces error: Symmetry seam is non-planar
MAYA-35222 Modeling Toolkit Symmetrize works only in world space
MAYA-35420 Cannot move or scale certain images in UV Texture Editor after enabling Use Image Ratio
MAYA-38041 Selection by component type will select occluded objects
MAYA-38450 Preselection Highlighting will highlight components on obscured meshes
MAYA-39197 Preselection highlighting doesn't work well with components that have been moved
MAYA-40860 Paint Color on Vertex tool used across multiple meshes may cause crash
MAYA-41591 Create Quad Draw dots, then switch to four pane layout may cause crash


Issue Number Description
MAYA-39596 Viewport 2.0: geometry is drawn offset from the correct location
MAYA-36103 VSync will be automatically disabled when Maya starts up on Mac OS X
MAYA-40425 Ramp texture is slow during change/update

Scripting MEL

Issue Number Description
MAYA-43835 When processing matrices, Maya LT crashes when using nested procedures

Feature Limitations

This section lists known limitations and workarounds for Maya LT.


  • MAYA-30309: OS X 10.9 - Hotbox and marking menus will not work on second screen of a dual screen setup.

    Workaround: Under System preferences > Mission Control > [ ], turn off the Displays have Separate Spaces option. This will bring the OS X workspaces behavior back to the way it was before 10.9.


  • MAYA-18046: If you are running Maya LT in a Simplified Chinese environment, switch between the standard view and full-screen view of the current panels using the Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar hotkey.

Additional Resources

Find learning resources for Maya LT at:

Find support and troubleshooting resources at:

For the latest list of certified hardware to run Maya LT, including graphics cards, refer to the Certified Hardware tool:

Find the Maya LT 2015 minimum system requirements at:

Customer Involvement Program (CIP)

The first time you start Maya LT, the Customer Involvement Program dialog box appears. If you choose to participate in the Customer Involvement Program, Maya LT automatically sends Autodesk information about your system configuration, what features you use most, any problems that you encounter, and other information helpful to the future direction of the product. For further information, see .

Customer Error Reports (CERs)

We are able to improve the stability of Maya LT largely because of the Customer Error Reports (CERs) that users of our products submit. We thank you for taking the time to fill out these reports and ask that you include as much information as possible about what actions you were performing at the time the error occurred. These details raise the value of the report immensely and are very much appreciated by the Autodesk Maya LT Engineering team.

For further information about CERs refer to .

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