MTimer Class Reference
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#include <MTimer.h>

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Detailed Description

This class works similar to timerX MEL command.

MTimer class provides the functionality for calculating the time elapsed/consumed in executing a particular portion of the code. The portion of the code to be timed is embedded inbetween the calls to'beginTimer()' and 'endTimer()'. A call to 'elapsedTime()' gives the time spent in executing that portion of the code. The calculated time in seconds will be with 2 decimal accuracy.


threadTestCmd.cpp, and threadTestWithLocksCmd.cpp.

Public Member Functions

  MTimer ()
  MTimer (const MTimer &)
  ~MTimer ()
void  beginTimer ()
void  endTimer ()
double  elapsedTime ()
MTimer operator= (const MTimer &rhs)
bool  operator== (const MTimer &rhs) const
bool  operator!= (const MTimer &rhs) const
void  clear ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MTimer::MTimer (  ) 

Default class constructor.

MTimer::MTimer ( const MTimer src  ) 

Copy Constructor.

[in]  src  the instance to copy

MTimer::~MTimer (  ) 

The class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

void MTimer::beginTimer (  ) 

The call to this function starts the timer.


void MTimer::endTimer (  ) 

The call to this function ends the timer.


double MTimer::elapsedTime (  ) 

This function returns the time elapsed between the calls to beginTimer and endTimer.


MTimer & MTimer::operator= ( const MTimer rhs  ) 

Assignment operator.

[in]  rhs  The timer to copy from.

bool MTimer::operator== ( const MTimer rhs  )  const

Equality operator. Checks whether the start time and end time are same.

[in]  rhs  The timer to compare with.

bool MTimer::operator!= ( const MTimer rhs  )  const

InEquality operator.

[in]  rhs  The timer to compare with.

void MTimer::clear (  ) 

This function resets the member variables so that same MTimer object can be used to time other portions of the code.

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