MTemplateCommand< CommandClass, CommandName, CommandSyntax > Member List

This is the complete list of members for MTemplateCommand< CommandClass, CommandName, CommandSyntax >, including all inherited members.
appendToResult(int val) MPxCommand [static]
appendToResult(double val) MPxCommand [static]
appendToResult(bool val) MPxCommand [static]
appendToResult(const char *val) MPxCommand [static]
appendToResult(const MString &val) MPxCommand [static]
appendToResult(const MStringArray &val) MPxCommand [static]
clearResult() MPxCommand [static]
commandString() const MPxCommand
creator() MTemplateAction< CommandClass, CommandName, CommandSyntax > [inline, static]
currentDoubleResult(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) MPxCommand [static]
currentIntResult(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) MPxCommand [static]
currentResultType() MPxCommand [static]
currentStringResult(MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL) MPxCommand [static]
deregisterCommand(MObject obj) MTemplateAction< CommandClass, CommandName, CommandSyntax > [inline, static]
displayError(const MString &theError) MPxCommand [static]
displayError(const MString &theError, bool wantDisplayLineNumber) MPxCommand [static]
displayInfo(const MString &theInfo) MPxCommand [static]
displayWarning(const MString &theWarning) MPxCommand [static]
displayWarning(const MString &theWarning, bool wantDisplayLineNumber) MPxCommand [static]
doIt(const MArgList &) MTemplateAction< CommandClass, CommandName, CommandSyntax > [inline, virtual]
getCurrentResult(int &val) MPxCommand [static]
getCurrentResult(double &val) MPxCommand [static]
getCurrentResult(MString &val) MPxCommand [static]
getCurrentResult(MIntArray &val) MPxCommand [static]
getCurrentResult(MDoubleArray &val) MPxCommand [static]
getCurrentResult(MStringArray &val) MPxCommand [static]
hasSyntax() const MPxCommand [virtual]
isHistoryOn() const MPxCommand
isUndoable() const MTemplateCommand< CommandClass, CommandName, CommandSyntax > [inline, virtual]
kDouble enum value MPxCommand
kLong enum value MPxCommand
kNoArg enum value MPxCommand
kString enum value MPxCommand
MPxCommand() MPxCommand
MResultType enum name MPxCommand
MTemplateAction() MTemplateAction< CommandClass, CommandName, CommandSyntax > [inline]
redoIt() MPxCommand [virtual]
registerCommand(MObject obj) MTemplateAction< CommandClass, CommandName, CommandSyntax > [inline, static]
setCommandString(const MString &) MPxCommand
setHistoryOn(bool state) MPxCommand
setResult(int val) MPxCommand [static]
setResult(double val) MPxCommand [static]
setResult(bool val) MPxCommand [static]
setResult(const char *val) MPxCommand [static]
setResult(const MString &val) MPxCommand [static]
setResult(const MIntArray &val) MPxCommand [static]
setResult(const MDoubleArray &val) MPxCommand [static]
setResult(const MStringArray &val) MPxCommand [static]
setUndoable(bool state) MPxCommand
syntax() const MPxCommand
undoIt() MPxCommand [virtual]
~MPxCommand() MPxCommand [virtual]

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