MSpinLock Class Reference
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#include <MSpinLock.h>

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Detailed Description

Methods for managing spin locks on threads created with MThreadPool and MThreadAsync.

Lightweight spin-lock class to be used with threads created by MThreadPool and MThreadAsync.



Public Member Functions

  MSpinLock ()
  ~MSpinLock ()
void  lock ()
void  unlock ()
bool  tryLock ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MSpinLock::MSpinLock (  ) 

Create new spin lock object. The object is created unlocked.

MSpinLock::~MSpinLock (  ) 


Calling the desctructor on a locked spin lock object does not unlock the object. That must be done by calling unlock() before calling the destructor.

Member Function Documentation

void MSpinLock::lock (  ) 

Create a lock. If the object is available it is locked immediately. If it is already locked by another thread, this function waits until the other thread has unlocked it, then creates the lock.


void MSpinLock::unlock (  ) 

Release the current lock.


bool MSpinLock::tryLock (  ) 

Attempt to lock the object. If the object is already locked by another thread, the function returns right away.

  • true lock was obtained
  • false lock was not obtained

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