MPxPolyTweakUVCommand Class Reference
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#include <MPxPolyTweakUVCommand.h>
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Detailed Description

Base class used for moving polygon UV's.

This is the base class for UV editing commands on polygonal objects.

The purpose of this command class is to simplify the process of moving UVs on a polygonal object. The use is only required to provide the new positions of the UVs that have been modified.



Public Member Functions

  MPxPolyTweakUVCommand ()
virtual  ~MPxPolyTweakUVCommand ()
virtual MStatus  parseSyntax (MArgDatabase &argData)
virtual MStatus  getTweakedUVs (const MObject &mesh, MIntArray &uvList, MFloatArray &uPos, MFloatArray &vPos)

Static Public Member Functions

static MSyntax  newSyntax ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MPxPolyTweakUVCommand::MPxPolyTweakUVCommand (  ) 

Class constructor.

MPxPolyTweakUVCommand::~MPxPolyTweakUVCommand (  )  [virtual]

Class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

MStatus MPxPolyTweakUVCommand::parseSyntax ( MArgDatabase argData  )  [virtual]

This method parses the additionnal flags before the command is executed.


MStatus MPxPolyTweakUVCommand::getTweakedUVs ( const MObject mesh,
MIntArray uvList,
MFloatArray uPos,
MFloatArray vPos  
) [virtual]

This computes and returns modified UVs.

[in]  mesh  The mesh object to be modified
[in]  uvList  The list of UV Ids selected by the user. The method is allowed to change uvList on output.
[out]  uPos  The new u values corresponding to the indices listed in uvList.
[out]  vPos  The new v values corresponding to the indices listed in uvList.

MSyntax MPxPolyTweakUVCommand::newSyntax (  )  [static]

This method creates and returns an MSyntax object required for the poly tweak UV proxy command.


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