MPxBakeEngine Class Reference
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#include <MPxBakeEngine.h>
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Detailed Description

Baking functionality.

The MPxBakeEngine class is a way for users to override the viewport representation of shaders. Users can provide their own baking engine to bake advanced shading properties into a texture. This texture is used by the viewport to represent the shading properties.

Public Member Functions

  MPxBakeEngine ()
virtual  ~MPxBakeEngine ()
void  setNeedTransparency (bool t)
void  getUVRange (MFloatArray minUV, MFloatArray maxUV)
virtual MStatus  bake (const MDagPath &objectPath, const MDagPath &cameraPath, const MPlug &samplePlug, MImage &bakeResult)=0


class  MFnPlugin

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MPxBakeEngine::MPxBakeEngine (  ) 


MPxBakeEngine::~MPxBakeEngine (  )  [virtual]

The class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

void MPxBakeEngine::setNeedTransparency ( bool  t  ) 

Set whether the bake engine needs to produce an image with transparency.

[in]  t  whether transparency is needed

void MPxBakeEngine::getUVRange ( MFloatArray  minUV,
MFloatArray  maxUV  

Tells Maya the UV range the baked texture should cover.

[out]  minUV  the minimum UV value
[out]  maxUV  the maximum UV value

MStatus MPxBakeEngine::bake ( const MDagPath objectPath,
const MDagPath cameraPath,
const MPlug samplePlug,
MImage result  
) [pure virtual]

Bake the texture Maya will use to approximate shading properties.

[in]  objectPath  the object the texture will be applied to
[in]  cameraPath  the camera that should be used for baking
[in]  samplePlug  the plug being sampled, ie baked
[out]  result  the texture
MS::kSuccess if a valid texture was created, MS::kFailure otherwise

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