MFeedbackLine Class Reference
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#include <MFeedbackLine.h>

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Detailed Description

Feedback line.

The MFeedbackLine class is used to display information back to the user. The format for the feedback line which indicates the number and type of the arguments should be set with the setFormat method. The values of the arguments should be set using the setValue method.

Static Public Member Functions

static MStatus  setFormat (const MString &format)
static MStatus  setTitle (const MString &title)
static MStatus  setValue (short index, double value)
static void  clear ()
static bool  showFeedback ()
static void  setShowFeedback (bool showFeedback)

Member Function Documentation

MStatus MFeedbackLine::setFormat ( const MString format  )  [static]

Set the format string for the feedback line. The format begins with a format specifier "^" followed by the format size, format decimal character ".", decimal size, and format type. For example: the format "^6.3f" which specifies that there is going to be one value given, it is a float, with 3 decimal places shown.

[in]  format  the format string for the feedback line

MStatus MFeedbackLine::setTitle ( const MString title  )  [static]

Set the title string.

[in]  title  the title string

MStatus MFeedbackLine::setValue ( short  index,
double  value  
) [static]

Set the value of a given index in the feedback line

[in]  index  the index whose value should be set
[in]  value  the value of the index

void MFeedbackLine::clear (  )  [static]

Clear whatever is showing in the feedback line.

bool MFeedbackLine::showFeedback (  )  [static]

Return whether or not the feedback line is is supposed to be displaying data.

  • true the feedback line is displaying data
  • false the feedback line is not displaying data

void MFeedbackLine::setShowFeedback ( bool  showFeedback  )  [static]

Set whether the feedback line is supposed to be displaying data.

[in]  showFeedback  whether or not the feedback line should display data

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