MRenderProfile Class Reference
[OpenMayaRender - API module for rendering]

#include <MRenderProfile.h>

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Detailed Description

Render profile.

The MRenderProfile class describes the rendering APIs and algorithms supported by a given rendering entity (e.g. a shading node, a renderer). A single profile can contain multiple entries allowing, for example, a shading node to specify that it supports both OpenGL and Direct3D rendering. The profile entries refer to renderers rather than rendering APIs as the rendering elements may depend on specific services, information or algorithms implemented by the renderer (e.g. a global light table, or render state cache).


D3DViewportRenderer.cpp, hlslShader.cpp, and hlslShader.h.

Public Types

enum   MStandardRenderer { kMayaSoftware, kMayaOpenGL, kMayaD3D }
  Maya's internal renderers. More...

Public Member Functions

  MRenderProfile ()
  ~MRenderProfile ()
unsigned int  numberOfRenderers () const
void  addRenderer (MStandardRenderer renderer)
void  addRenderer (const MString &name, float version)
bool  hasRenderer (MStandardRenderer renderer) const
bool  hasRenderer (const MString &name, float version) const

Member Enumeration Documentation

Maya's internal renderers.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MRenderProfile::MRenderProfile (  ) 

Create a new empty render profile.

MRenderProfile::~MRenderProfile (  ) 

Class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int MRenderProfile::numberOfRenderers (  )  const

Find the number of renderers in this profile.

The number of renderers.

void MRenderProfile::addRenderer ( MStandardRenderer  renderer  ) 

Add one of Maya's internal renderers to this render profile.

[in]  renderer  The internal Maya renderer to add to this profile.

void MRenderProfile::addRenderer ( const MString name,
float  version  

Add a custom entry to this render profile. The name and version specified must correspond to a renderer registered with Maya. Currently, only Maya's internal renderers (just named after the APIs they use: "OpenGL", "D3D", or "Software") are supported. When registering support for Maya's internal renderers, it's simpler to use the other version of this method.

[in]  name  The name of the renderer.
[in]  version  The version of the renderer or rendering API.

bool MRenderProfile::hasRenderer ( MStandardRenderer  renderer  )  const

See if a Maya renderer is listed in this profile.

[in]  renderer  The internal Maya renderer to search for

bool MRenderProfile::hasRenderer ( const MString name,
float  version  
) const

Find a custom entry in this render profile.

[in]  name  The name of the renderer.
[in]  version  The version of the renderer or rendering API.

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