MRenderLineArray Class Reference
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#include <MRenderLineArray.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for accessing paint effects output curve data.

A MRenderLineArray provides access to paint effects curve rendering info. This class contains arrays for per vertex attributes along an individual curve: line: the vertices in worldspace twist: a twist vector at each vertex width: the tube widths flatness: the tube flatness along the twist vector direction parameter: the u parameterization value for each vertex color: color rgb value for each vertex incandescence: incandescence rgb value for each vertex transpareancy: transparency rgb value for each vertex



Public Member Functions

  MRenderLineArray ()
  ~MRenderLineArray ()
MRenderLineArray operator= (const MRenderLineArray &other)
void  deleteArray ()
int  length () const
MRenderLine  renderLine (unsigned int index, MStatus *status) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MRenderLineArray::MRenderLineArray (  ) 

The class constructor.

MRenderLineArray::~MRenderLineArray (  ) 

The class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

MRenderLineArray & MRenderLineArray::operator= ( const MRenderLineArray other  ) 

Assignment operator. This simply copies the internal data pointer. Any arrays access from the copy will thus point to the same data.

[in]  other  the MRenderLineArray to be copied
A reference to the copied MRenderLineArray

void MRenderLineArray::deleteArray (  ) 

Free up the memory held in the render line array. This should be called once only and only on one copy of the MRenderLineArray. (Assignment copies internal pointer data rather than the data its self)


int MRenderLineArray::length (  )  const

Return the number of entries in the array.

Array length

MRenderLine MRenderLineArray::renderLine ( unsigned int  index,
MStatus status  
) const

Return the render line at the defined index.

The render line

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