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#include <MPxCameraSet.h>
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Detailed Description

Base class for user-defined camera set nodes.

MPxCameraSet is the parent class of all user defined cameraSet nodes.

This class can be used to implement new kinds of cameraSets within maya that behave in a similar manner to the cameraSet node included in maya.

Public Member Functions

  MPxCameraSet ()
virtual  ~MPxCameraSet ()
virtual MPxNode::Type  type () const

Static Public Attributes

static MObject  cameraLayer
  Compound array attribute for storing the list of camera layers.
static MObject  camera
  Message attribute connecting to layer's camera transform. Child of 'cameraLayer'.
static MObject  sceneData
  Message attribute connecting to layer's objectSet. Child of 'cameraLayer'.
static MObject  active
  Boolean attribute determining if layer will be processed. Child of 'cameraLayer'.
static MObject  order
  Integer attribute giving the processing order of the layer. Child of 'cameraLayer'.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MPxCameraSet::MPxCameraSet (  ) 


Any calls the MPxCameraSet methods must be done in the postConstructor method and not here.

MPxCameraSet::~MPxCameraSet (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

MPxNode::Type MPxCameraSet::type (  )  const [virtual]

Returns the type of node that this is. This is used to differentiate user defined nodes that are derived off different MPx base classes.

It is not necessary to override this method.

Type of the node (MPxNode::kCameraSetNode)

Reimplemented from MPxNode.

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