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#include <MGeometryPrimitive.h>

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Detailed Description

Geometric index container.

MGeometryPrimitive is a class describes the topology used for accessing MGeometryData.

Topology is specified as a set of index values which references into data elements in an MGeometryData. Index values can be assumed to be stored in contiguous memory.

A "draw primitive type" indicates the format of the indexing as follows:

Internal Maya data which is passed to the user via this class is always assumed to be non-modifiable. If modified, stability cannot be ensured.

D3DGeometryItem.cpp, hlslShader.cpp, and OpenGLViewportRenderer.cpp.

Public Types

enum   DrawPrimitiveType {
   kInvalidIndexType = 0, kPoints, kLines, kLineStrip,
   kLineLoop, kTriangles, kTriangleStrip, kTriangleFan,
   kQuads, kQuadStrip, kPolygon, kMaxDrawPrimitiveTypeIndex
  Specifies the data primitive type constructed by the indexing array. More...

Public Member Functions

  MGeometryPrimitive (const MGeometryPrimitive &other)
  Copy constructor.
  ~MGeometryPrimitive ()
int  uniqueID () const
DrawPrimitiveType  drawPrimitiveType () const
unsigned int  elementCount () const
MGeometryData::ElementType  dataType () const
const void *  data () const


class  MGeometry
class  MVaryingParameter
class  MHardwareRenderer

Member Enumeration Documentation

Specifies the data primitive type constructed by the indexing array.

kInvalidIndexType  Default value is not valid.
kPoints  Corresponds to GL_POINTS in OpenGL.
kLines  Corresponds to GL_LINES in OpenGL (individual unconnected line segments).
kLineStrip  Corresponds to GL_LINE_STRIP in OpenGL.
kLineLoop  Corresponds to GL_LINE_LOOP in OpenGL (non-filled, connected line segments).
kTriangles  Corresponds to GL_TRIANGLES In OpenGL.
kTriangleStrip  Corresponds to GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP in OpenGL.
kTriangleFan  Corresponds to GL_TRIANGLE_FAN in OpenGL.
kQuads  Corresponds to GL_QUADS in OpenGL.
kQuadStrip  Corresponds to GL_QUAD_STRIP in OpenGL.
kPolygon  Corresponds to GL_POLYGON in OpenGL.
kMaxDrawPrimitiveTypeIndex  Number of primitive types.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MGeometryPrimitive::MGeometryPrimitive ( const MGeometryPrimitive other  ) 

Copy constructor.

Copy constructor.

The internal data pointer is copied and its reference count incremented.

MGeometryPrimitive::~MGeometryPrimitive (  ) 


Class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

int MGeometryPrimitive::uniqueID (  )  const

Return the per session unique identifier

Unique data identifier.

MGeometryPrimitive::DrawPrimitiveType MGeometryPrimitive::drawPrimitiveType (  )  const

Get the data type for the data.

Geometry data type. MGeometryPrimitive::kInvalid on error.

unsigned int MGeometryPrimitive::elementCount (  )  const

Return element count.

Element count. 0 is returned on error.

MGeometryData::ElementType MGeometryPrimitive::dataType (  )  const

Return element data type.

Element type. MGeometryData::kInvalidElementType is returned on error.

const void * MGeometryPrimitive::data (  )  const

Retrieve a pointer to the internal data

Void pointer to the data. Pointer is NULL on error.

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