MDrawProcedureBase Class Reference
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#include <MDrawProcedureBase.h>
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Detailed Description

Base user draw procedure class.

This class provides an interface through which a plug-in can be writen to implement a class to provide custom hardware drawing effects.

The derived class can be added, removed, or reordered in a list of draw procedures used by the hardware renderer. Please refer to documentation for MhardwareRenderer for more details.

Each procedure has a user defined string name and can be enabled or disabled. Name, and enabling methods must be defined.

All derived classes must over the execute() method. This is the method that will be called by the hardware renderer to which the procedure is attached. The call will only be made if the procedure is enabled.



Public Member Functions

  MDrawProcedureBase (const MString &name)
virtual  ~MDrawProcedureBase ()
virtual bool  execute ()=0
void  setEnabled (bool value)
bool  enabled () const
void  setName (const MString &name)
const MString name () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MDrawProcedureBase::MDrawProcedureBase ( const MString name  ) 

Constructor for a draw procedure. By default the procedure is disabled.

[in]  name  name of the procedure. This is a required argument.

MDrawProcedureBase::~MDrawProcedureBase (  )  [virtual]

Default destructor for a draw procedure.

Member Function Documentation

bool MDrawProcedureBase::execute (  )  [pure virtual]

This method gets called by the renderer to execture the draw procedure. Derived class of MDrawProcedureBase must implement this method as it defined as a pure virtual method on this class. The implementation is free to perform any drawing functionality from within this method.

True if execution was successful.

void MDrawProcedureBase::setEnabled ( bool  value  ) 

This method sets whether the draw procedure is enabled or not.

[in]  value  Boolean value to set the enabling state.

bool MDrawProcedureBase::enabled (  )  const

This method returns whether the draw procedure is enabled or not.

Boolean indicating enable state.

void MDrawProcedureBase::setName ( const MString name  ) 

This method sets the name for the draw procedure.

[in]  name  Name to set.

const MString & MDrawProcedureBase::name (  )  const

This method returns the name of the draw procedure.

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