MPxLocatorNode Class Reference
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#include <MPxLocatorNode.h>

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Detailed Description

Base class for user defined locators.

MPxLocatorNode allows the creation of user-defined locators. A locator is a DAG shaped that is drawn on the screen, but that has is not rendered. Locators are full dependency nodes and can have attributes and a compute method.

To create a locator, derive off of this class and override the draw method. The draw method can be overridden to draw custom geometry using standard OpenGL calls. The other methods of the parent class MPxNode may also be overridden to perform dependency node capabilities as well.


curvedArrowsNode.cpp, cvColorNode.cpp, footPrintManip.cpp, footPrintNode.cpp, and swissArmyManip.cpp.

Public Member Functions

 MPxLocatorNode ()
virtual ~MPxLocatorNode ()
virtual MPxNode::Type type () const
virtual void draw (M3dView &view, const MDagPath &path, M3dView::DisplayStyle style, M3dView::DisplayStatus)
virtual bool isBounded () const
virtual MBoundingBox boundingBox () const
unsigned int color (M3dView::DisplayStatus displayStatus)
MColor colorRGB (M3dView::DisplayStatus displayStatus)
virtual bool excludeAsLocator () const
virtual bool isTransparent () const
virtual bool drawLast () const

Static Public Attributes

static MObject underWorldObject
 under world attribute
static MObject localPosition
 local position attribute
static MObject localPositionX
 X component of localPosition.
static MObject localPositionY
 Y component of localPosition.
static MObject localPositionZ
 Z component of localPosition.
static MObject worldPosition
 world position attribute
static MObject worldPositionX
 X component of worldPosition.
static MObject worldPositionY
 Y component of worldPosition.
static MObject worldPositionZ
 Z component of worldPosition.
static MObject localScale
 local scale attribute
static MObject localScaleX
 X component of localScale.
static MObject localScaleY
 Y component of localScale.
static MObject localScaleZ
 Z component of localScale.
static MObject nodeBoundingBox
 bounding box attribute
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxMin
 bounding box minimum point
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxMinX
 X component of boundingBoxMin.
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxMinY
 Y component of boundingBoxMin.
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxMinZ
 Z component of boundingBoxMin.
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxMax
 bounding box maximum point
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxMaxX
 X component of boundingBoxMax.
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxMaxY
 Y component of boundingBoxMax.
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxMaxZ
 Z component of boundingBoxMax.
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxSize
 bounding box size vector
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxSizeX
 X component of boundingBoxSize.
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxSizeY
 Y component of boundingBoxSize.
static MObject nodeBoundingBoxSizeZ
 Z component of boundingBoxSize.
static MObject center
 object center attribute
static MObject boundingBoxCenterX
 X component of boundingBoxCenter.
static MObject boundingBoxCenterY
 Y component of boundingBoxCenter.
static MObject boundingBoxCenterZ
 Z component of boundingBoxCenter.
static MObject matrix
 matrix attribute
static MObject inverseMatrix
 inverse matrix attribute
static MObject worldMatrix
 world matrix attribute
static MObject worldInverseMatrix
 inverse world matrix attribute
static MObject parentMatrix
 parent matrix attribute
static MObject parentInverseMatrix
 inverse parent matrix attribute
static MObject visibility
 visibility attribute
static MObject intermediateObject
 intermediate object attribute
static MObject isTemplated
 template attribute
static MObject instObjGroups
 instances object group info attribute
static MObject objectGroups
 object groups attributes
static MObject objectGrpCompList
 component in object groups attribute
static MObject objectGroupId
 group id attribute
static MObject objectGroupColor
 group id attribute
static MObject useObjectColor
 controls choice of wireframe dormant object color
static MObject objectColor
 the per object dormant wireframe color

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MPxLocatorNode::MPxLocatorNode (  ) 


Class constructor.

MPxLocatorNode::~MPxLocatorNode (  )  [virtual]


Class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

MPxNode::Type MPxLocatorNode::type (  )  const [virtual]

This method returns the type of the node. This method should not be overridden by the user. It will return MPxNode::kLocatorNode.

The type of node
Status Codes:

Reimplemented from MPxNode.

void MPxLocatorNode::draw ( M3dView view,
const MDagPath path,
M3dView::DisplayStyle  style,
M3dView::DisplayStatus  status 
) [virtual]

Overriding this method allows the drawing of custom geometry using standard OpenGL calls. The OpenGL state should be left in the same state that it was in previously. The OpenGL routine glPushAttrib may be used to make this easier.

When this routine is called, the following conditions may be assumed:

  • the correct transform matrix will be loaded for the locator, so the geometry should be drawn in local space
  • the correct default color will be set for wire frame drawing given the object's state (eg active, dormant, etc.)
  • the object is not invisible or hidden
  • if the object has a bounding box, then the bounding box is at least partially in the frustum
As a convenience, this draw method will also be used by OpenGL's selection mechanism to determine whether this object gets selected by a particular mouse event. The user does not need to write a separate selection routine.

[in] view 3D view that is being drawn into
[in] path to this locator in the DAG
[in] style style to draw object in
[in] status selection status of object

bool MPxLocatorNode::isBounded (  )  const [virtual]

This method should be overridden to return true if the user supplies a bounding box routine. Supplying a bounding box routine makes refresh and selection more efficient.

A boolean value indicating whether a bounding box routine has been supplied

MBoundingBox MPxLocatorNode::boundingBox (  )  const [virtual]

This method should be overridden to return a bounding box for the locator. If this method is overridden, then MPxLocatorNode::isBounded should also be overridden to return true.

The bounding box of the locator

unsigned int MPxLocatorNode::color ( M3dView::DisplayStatus  displayStatus  ) 

This method returns the index of the color that is the default draw color for the given display status. The index should be used with the methods of M3dView. The value is not an index into the OpenGL color table.

The index that is returned will be into the active, dormant, or template color tables depending on the display status passed in.

[in] displayStatus display status
The index of the color

MColor MPxLocatorNode::colorRGB ( M3dView::DisplayStatus  displayStatus  ) 

This method returns the RGB values of the default draw color for the given display status.

[in] displayStatus display status
The color

bool MPxLocatorNode::excludeAsLocator (  )  const [virtual]

When the modelPanel is set to not draw locators, returing true will also not draw the custom locator. If false is returned, the custom locator will also be drawn.

The default return value is true.

true if the custom locator should be treated like a standard maya locator.

bool MPxLocatorNode::isTransparent (  )  const [virtual]

Indicates that this locator uses transparency during draw method calls. Objects with transparency must be drawn in a special queue, i.e. after all opaque objects are drawn.

The default return value is false.

true if the locator uses transparency while drawing, false otherwise.

bool MPxLocatorNode::drawLast (  )  const [virtual]

Indicates that this locator should be the last item draw in a given refresh cycle. Objects drawn out-of-order will not preserve the proper transparency sorting. Conflicts among multiple objects with the drawLast indicator set to TRUE will be resolved by their order in the Outliner, where they will be drawn top-to-bottom.

The default return value is false.

true, the locator will be drawn after all other objects in the scene.

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