MHWShaderSwatchGenerator Class Reference
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#include <MHWShaderSwatchGenerator.h>

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Detailed Description

Hardware shader swatch generator utility class.

Derived from the MSwatchRenderBase class as a utility for generating a swatch for a plugin hardware shader class. This class supports hardware shaders derived from both MPxHardwareShader and the older MPxHwShaderNode base classes.

Public Member Functions

 MHWShaderSwatchGenerator (MObject obj, MObject renderObj, int res)
virtual bool doIteration ()

Static Public Member Functions

static MSwatchRenderBasecreateObj (MObject obj, MObject renderObj, int res)
static const MStringinitialize ()
static void getSwatchBackgroundColor (float &r, float &g, float &b, float &a)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MHWShaderSwatchGenerator::MHWShaderSwatchGenerator ( MObject  obj,
MObject  renderObj,
int  res 

Class constructor. Initializes base class MSwatchRenderBase with obj, renderObj and res.

Member Function Documentation

MSwatchRenderBase * MHWShaderSwatchGenerator::createObj ( MObject  obj,
MObject  renderObj,
int  resolution 
) [static]

Class constructor. Saves the Node object and image resolution as data members for future use.

[in] obj The node object for which the swatch needs to be generated.
[in] renderObj The node used to actually compute the swatch. In most situation, this can be the same as obj. This parameter can be used to request the computation of the swatch on another node, and display the swatch on the obj node.
[in] resolution The expected resolution of the swatch image.

const MString & MHWShaderSwatchGenerator::initialize (  )  [static]

This method sets a swatch name, and registers a new swatch generator creation function for the swatch name. The string returned from this method can be used for node classification purpose.


void MHWShaderSwatchGenerator::getSwatchBackgroundColor ( float &  r,
float &  g,
float &  b,
float &  a 
) [static]

This method returns the default background color for the hardware rendered swatch.

[out] r Storage variable for red component.
[out] g Storage variable for green component.
[out] b Storage variable for blue component.
[out] a Storage variable for alpha component.

bool MHWShaderSwatchGenerator::doIteration (  )  [virtual]

This method will be called from the MSwatchRenderRegister for generating a swatch image.

This doIteration function is called repeatedly (during idle events) till it returns true.

Reimplemented from MSwatchRenderBase.

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