MObjectSetMessage Class Reference
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#include <MObjectSetMessage.h>

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Detailed Description

Object Set Messages.

This class is used to register callbacks for object set messages received by specific sets.

There is 1 add callback method which will add callbacks for the following message

The first parameter passed to each of the add callback methods is the object set depenency node that will trigger the callback. The second parameter specifies the callback function and the optional third parameter specifies the callback argument.

Each method returns an id which is used to remove the callback.

To remove a callback use MMessage::removeCallback(). All callbacks that are registered by a plug-in must be removed by that plug-in when it is unloaded. Failure to do so will result in a fatal error.

Static Public Member Functions

static MCallbackId addSetMembersModifiedCallback (MObject &node, MMessage::MNodeFunction func, void *clientData=NULL, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL)

Member Function Documentation

MCallbackId MObjectSetMessage::addSetMembersModifiedCallback ( MObject node,
MMessage::MNodeFunction  func,
void *  clientData = NULL,
MStatus ReturnStatus = NULL 
) [static]

Registers callbacks for set modified messages.

[in] node the set to register the callback for
[in] func the callback function
  • node the set that has triggered a setModified event
  • clientData User defined data passed to the callback function
[in] clientData User defined data that will be passed to the callback function
[out] ReturnStatus status code
Identifier used for removing the callback.
Status Codes:

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