mental ray for Maya error handling and diagnostics

Error messages

mental ray for Maya checks for errors in a scene and recognizes various operating system errors. If an error is detected, a message appears in Maya's script editor. If a critical error is found, mental ray for Maya aborts the current process.

The message verbosity can be changed by selecting a different Verbosity Level option in the " Render > Render Current Frame > " and " Render > Batch Render > ". When using the interactive renderer mental ray for Maya prints messages to the Output Window (Windows) or the Console (Linux). When batch rendering with mental ray for Maya, a log file is created. If severe errors are encountered during database access of mental ray, the final rendering doesn’t get started.


You can use diagnostics to help you diagnose issues with samples and photon maps. You can specify Diagnose Grid and Grid Size, as well as Diagnose Photon Density or Irradiance. See Run diagnostics.