Render > IPR Render Current Frame

Opens the Render View window and IPR renders the current scene. See Interactive Photorealistic Rendering (IPR) for more details.

If you are using mental ray for Maya rendering, opens the mental ray IPR Render Options dialog box to let you set your IPR options. For descriptions of these options, see below.

For more information on IPR rendering, see Batch renders from within Maya (UI) in Rendering guide.

Render > IPR Render Current Frame >


Verbosity Level

Controls the verbosity level for messages related to mental ray rendering. Messages equal to or below the selected verbosity are displayed. Messages are displayed in the mental ray log file.


Auto Render Threads

If Auto Render Threads is enabled, Maya automatically calculates the number of threads that should be used to best take advantage of the CPUs (or cores) on your workstation. This option is on by default.

Render Threads

Specifies the number of rendering threads to be used by mental ray for Maya for rendering. Use a thread for each CPU you utilize on the local host.

Auto Tiling

Turn on this option to automatically determine the optimal tile size at render time.

Task Size

Pixel width and height of render tiles.


Used for network rendering only.

Select one of these options to determine whether the local machine renders the scene, or whether the slaves render the scene.

Render on the local machine

Select this option so that the local machine participates in rendering the scene.

Render on network machines

Select this option so that the networked machine(s) participate in rendering the scene. This is useful in reducing the workload on the master machine while Maya is also running.

TipTo render on all available machines, select both the Render on the local machine and Render on network machines options.