Safe display regions for TV production

You can display a guideline that indicates a region within which you should keep all action or text if you plan to display the rendered images on a television screen. Action and text within these guidelines is visible on every television.

Different TV manufacturers use different tubes and put them in different boxes, so there’s a difference in what gets displayed; safe action and text region are broadcast standards that assure action or text (respectively) is visible. Safe text is 80% of the screen because the sensitivity to logotypes (fonts) is much higher than the sensitivity to objects moving; that is, at the 10% edge of the tube, text appears warped. Safe action is 90%.

To turn the safe action or safe title border on or off, see Turn scene view guidelines on or off.

Safe action

The safe action view guide represents 90% of the rendering resolution (the resolution gate).

Safe Title

The safe title view guide represents 80% of the rendering resolution (the Resolution Gate). For example, in this image, the title DANCER does not fit within the Safe Title area. Track the scene until the title fits within the border.